youmayneedthis now has now its own domain

I have hosted the blog to its own domain now at Existing blog entries will continue to be here. New posts will likely show up there now.

Update: first series of posts on trip to Srisailam can be found here

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Sending by post – ITR-V to income tax department

Today – I went to post office to send the ITR-V by post. I do so every year. Counter sign with black ink at the place marked by ‘sign in’ in the form. Put it through Speed post.

This year, the post office executive mentioned that speed post won’t accept an address with ‘Post Bag’. so, I have two options – a) send through normal post b) strike the post bag part in the address; send through speed post.

I took the option (b). Given the income tax form mentions that forms are accepted through speed post or normal post. Income tax department should have taken care of this or release a directive on this. Many-many of us are going to have this discussion when they reach post office and need to make a choice.

I will update once I get acknowledgement for receipt of ITR-V from the department.

Update: I have received the email acknowledgement of the receipt of the ITR-V today. so, option-2 seems to work fine.

What choice did you pick?

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gmail inbox new look

Some of you would have seen the new look of your gmail inbox. I am also one of them. At the onset, it seems useful. This is because it is addressing the main pain-point of dealing with email overload. In my case too, the primary overload came from social, promotions.

Recently, I have used the gmail feature of reporting spam, which also lets you send unsubscribe mail to the promotion originator in single click. That was a good feature. I had used the unsubscribe link in most cases. In one case, the promotional mail was not showing the unsubscribe link but this gmail option seem to do some magic underneath and came as a savior.

Now – when I can separate all the promotional mails in a separate tab – it does seem to address one important need.

More as I use it more.

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Reliance fresh good customer experience

Typically, reliance fresh chain is considered for lower price but not for customer experience. I was writing but avoiding to describe what you typically expect to see there. one can typically associate the brand with lower or lowest prices – at least – for vegetables and fruits.

What I faced today – was an incidence of very good customer care. I was kind of surprised. Hence, it does need a mention and accolade. I had purchased 5 kg of Tur dal packet last Sunday and forgot to pick it up from the store. I realized after a week today. During my weekend grocery shopping, I mentioned on the counter the incidence along with my bill (I keep the bills in the car for couple of weeks before recycling them).

Store owner straight went to stocks, checked the status to see that one packet seem to be in access (at least that is what he told me), and gave the packet to my surprise – without any resistance. On top of that, such up to date keeping of stock – well done!

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boot mgr is compressed error and laptop is not booting

One of my friend in the office faced this on his laptop. He was stuck.

I found this helpful thread on the net that helped save his day. It took few minutes to build a boot dvd of win7 and follow the steps given by moti68. Since I am not on, I could not personally thank him. but he deserves loads of thanks for saving day of the person.

People like this, always re-enforce in me, willingness to help others and share that other might need, some day. They bring up on you that there is need to give away for what others have been giving to you. That was the whole motive behind starting this blog.  Needless to say – it gives immense satisfaction to see that — some of what you shared in past – continues to helps others.

That’s all for now.

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Paying your traffic challan sent by post

Recently, I was sent a traffic challan by post. The automated cameras on a signal in kondapur has snapped the two wheeler for skipping a red signal. It is required to be paid in 15 days of receipt. It can be paid only at eseva centers or AP online centers. I wanted to pay it online if possible.

I could not find way to pay it online at eseva center. AP online website was not even working. Hence, I was looking for offline centers. Eseva website shows a eseva center at cyber gateway, hitec city. but the office has been closed. APOnline shows a center in kondapur; That is likely run by a internet cafe (franchise) – it was closed on sunday. It is located in main lane (left turn) where all buses turn left for kondapur bus depot.

Finally, I came to know that an Eseva center is available in gachibowli next to Reliance Fresh and Café Nandini, on the same side of the road. It is open in normal working hours and likely on sunday also (I am not sure of Sunday). I could pay the traffic challan here with an additional service charge of INR 40/-.

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