Visit to passport seva kendra (PSK) Ameerpet, Hyderabad

Getting the scheduled appointment

I have scheduled the visit to passport seva kendra (PSK) Ameerpet, hyderabad around 15 days back on 4th May 2012.

I had embarked on the project to get my children passport 3 months back in Feb 2012. I was not getting the schedule appointment. I have tried to get Tatkal appointment first. Later tried for Normal appointment. Open appointment slots were never for Ameerpet, Begumpet, Tolichowki Psks in hyderabad. Call center 18002581800 informed to try at 7:30PM exactly Sunday thru Thursday to get one. I read in blogosphere that other users were also facing hardship on this. Fortunately, something really changed in May 2012. got fixed and started showing open slots anytime in the day. They were 15 days out but that is acceptable. Thanks PSK.

Homework before the visit to PSK

I have to get the fresh passport for my children 3+ and 4+ years old. I tried the document advisor on the site. this link shows up only after login. After checking a set of check boxes, I came to know the documents I need to carry. I have jotted down doubts and made 2-3 calls to the call center ( 18002581800 )who were able to clarify the doubts. Few facts:

  1. My Feb application was 90 days old. so – I submitted to fresh new application online when taking the appointment in May. call center informed that 90 days older application won’t be accepted.
  2. For 3+ year child, call center advised to carry passport size photo (4.5cm x 3.5cm) white background. For 4+, it will be taken at the PSK. and not required.
    1. I carried photos for him also to be on safe side.
  3. I had my passport endorsed with my wife name. Also birth certificates for the children. That is all needed. One xerox copies of each document, self attested.
  4. My children birth certificate had the changed name of my wife after marriage where as we had not yet applied for her passport name change. Hence, I decided to carry marriage affidavit (annexure D) which came handy during the visit. I do not have the marriage certificate.
  5. I also carried other supporting documents for the changed name for my wife – her bank account statement for a year, voter id. but verification concluded with marriage affidavit and did not need other documents.
  6. Children need to visit along with you to PSK. me and my wife both went to the PSK. it helped since both children were called on different counters at the same time.
  7. Carried originals of all document – passports of parents, birth certificates. these were referred multiple times for verification at PSK.
  8. No DD is required. PSK accept the fees in cash. I paid Rs 600/- per child.
  9. Original Marriage affidavit (annexure D) copy is taken up. I had carried two original marriage affidavits. This work can be done in front of kukatpally eseva office for 100-150/- per marriage affidavit. There are small small shops in front of the office that do the notary documents work. They also have the annexure D format. you need to carry a photo of both of you together which the guy will cut to smaller size and paste on the affidavit. if I had marriage certificate, probably this was not required.

Visit to PSK

With all the home work done, I checked all documents once more in the morning, and started 1 hr before the reporting time. Aditya trade center is little inside on the road turning right beside Mytrivanam building. This road is one way. I need to take U turn and taken turn before MyTrivanam and come to the place. Autowala helped to give the direction. It’s a tall new building but no parking inside. Need to find a place to park outside. Given I was early 9:30am – found parking place.

After this – PSK experience was awesome. Centralized AC, neat and clean. No confusion. Full process is streamlined into 3 steps with a token number. Your token number fleshes on big multiple LCD TV along with officer cube number to visit, in waiting lounges. Given that we were with children, we were accommodated on a separate queue and officer came to us to speed up collecting right documents. Directed us to a counter to create a file and generate token number for us. With in 10 minutes, we had the token and entered the waiting lounge. We met 3 officers after this before getting done.

  1. First, customer service executive. (CSE) queue A. She took all right documents, first level verification, scanned and uploaded to server, also took thumb print in case of minor. For below 5 years, finger prints were not taken. While executive is processing items on computer, you can see all details on a LCD display facing you. awesome! All of them – dressed in the same dress, equipped with latest fast scanner. Process took order of 15 minutes.
  2. Next we waited in waiting lounge for your token to flash for a VO (Verification officer) counter, queue B. There are afaiu, government passport officers. This steps took a wait time of order of 1 hour. but place is well kept, we were just fine waiting for our turn. I was probably mesmerized by this much (unexpected) order in the place! Primarily, this is because there are order of 4-5 VOs for 14-15 CSEs. VO looked at originals and scanned documents, verified and pushed the token to next queue C. This meeting was order of 10 minutes.
  3. Next we need to wait for the PO (passport officer) in queue C. Wait time was less here order of 10 minutes. There are around 3-4 PO counters. PO did sanity check of the documents against original and I think approved the application. File was kept with her and we were directed to exit counter to collect acknowledgement receipt. This interaction was order of 5 minutes.
  4. Exit counter we got the acknowledgement receipt without any wait time in another 5 minutes. We are expected to get out from the door next. We got out at around 12 noon.  done!

How was the experience

This experience has been one of its kind. Simply awesome! Home work also paid, I indeed need to attach marriage affidavit for one child application because of my wife changed name in birth certificate.

I have to visit 2 more times yet once to re-issue my parents passport, and once for my wife. will update on that later.

Last time I had such experience dealing with governmental formality was Aadhar card registration process at Karvy office. It was highly stream lined with no confusion. but Aadhar card never got delivered – we are waiting yet for 8 months for them to come home! I will inform later when the passport arrive home. For children, policy verification is not required.

Update: passport for one child is delivered on 5/24 by speed post within one week, awesome. The application was normal, not tatkaal.

This is the role model experience for application processing at PSK. We need all government offices to get HERE (especially RTOs where I have struggled). Thanks to the PSK Team for making my day today!

Update: I had visited psk ameerpet again recently regarding re-issue of my wife passport (change of name after marriage). details here.

Update: My wife passport got delivered today. I visited regarding change of spouse name in my passport yesterday. details here.

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18 Responses to Visit to passport seva kendra (PSK) Ameerpet, Hyderabad

  1. Alfred says:

    My brother suggested I might like this website.
    He was entirely right. This post actually made my day.
    You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info!


  2. Srinivas says:

    Your post is really helpful. Using these inputs applied passport for my son(3+ years) on 16th Aug and received it today( 20th Aug). Just 5 days( In fact 3 working days)!!!

    I submitted my application on 15th Aug and after submission the site suggested that appointments are available for 16th Aug. To book appointment need to pay the fee(1000 Rs) online, after successful payment appointment got booked automatically for 16th Aug 12.15 PM. We reached Ameerpet PSK by 11:30 and Security allowed us to inside around 12PM. We completed entire process by 12:45PM so it is less than an hour!!

    1. 1 year ICICI Bank statement Original with covering letter. ( Thanks to @youmayneedthis , initially I am carrying Xerox copy. After reading this got statement from bank along with Covering letter)
    2. Parents passport copies ( My wife pass port contains my name, so no need of marriage certificate in our case)
    3. Birth certificate
    4. Declaration of Parent/Guardian for Minor Passports (Annexure “H”) on plain paper
    5. 1 45X35 size color passport photo.

    All Xerox copies should be self-attested.

    Just before PSK was introduced my wife passport process took around 1 year, we received it after visiting the passport office couple of times and filiing a RTA petition. We used ESEVA channel in this case. So really appreciate the PSK team.

    @youmayneedthis, keep up the good job.

    Best Regards,

    • sbaid101 says:

      Dear Srinivas, Thanks a bunch for kind words, and sharing details that have changed.
      The blog is shared with intent – to help people do things. To know that it did, it feels good.
      thanks also for sharing the details that have changed.
      1. looks like now we can pay online. is the cash payment still allowed?
      2. Time taken seems to have compressed further for good. done in 1 hr. awesome! Psk model needs to be replicated to other gov. offices especially RTOs.

      • Srinivas says:

        Regarding fee payment.


        Online Payment has been made mandatory for booking appointments at all Passport Seva Kendras.
        Online Payment can be made using any one of the following modes:

        Credit/Debit Card (MasterCard & Visa)
        Internet Banking (State Bank of India (SBI) and Associate Banks Only)
        SBI Bank Challan
        Applicants applying under Tatkaal need to pay only the fee as applicable under Normal Category while making Online Payment. The balance fee as applicable for Tatkaal will be payable in “Cash” at Passport Seva Kendra/Passport Office, once Tatkaal application is accepted by Passport Officials.

    • KARUNAKAR says:


  3. Chinnapa Reddy Y says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks a ton for all your posts…..Trust me, it helped me to unsterdtand the new process…However, I have confusion about below points and could you please clarify this…Please excuse me as some of below queries might look silly….I am a naive in this area and please help me….I will call you, if you can drop your number…

    1. My wife name is not endorsed in my passport and vice versa as we both have taken passports almost 8 years ago. Now, my wife passport ia going to expire by next month and we want to renew it. We do not have marriage certificate. Which affidavit we need to take and what all required for this affidavit??? I want my name to be endorsed on my wife passport. How much time it takes??

    2. Simultaniousely, I want to take passport for 4.5 year old daughter and since we do not have either marriage ceritificate or spouse name endorsed on any one of our passports. Which affidavit we need to take and what all required for this affidavit??? How much time it takes?? What is the address proof we need to give for my daughter??? I guess, Aadhaar card is sufficient..

    3. We want to complete this work simultaniousely and how to deal with this??? I have gone through FAQs and as per them, first I need to get my name endorsed on my wife passport (Reissue) and then apply for my daughter’s passport…Do we have any option to apply for both the passports for my wife (Reissue) and my daughter(Fresh) simultaniousely???

    4. How much time it takes to get affidavits??? Can we apply on-line first and then go for affidavits on the day of appointment with PSK???

    5. Finally, I am staying at new address in Hyderabad for last 8 months and I do not want to mention this address at all as my daughter has my permanent address (Guntur) in her Aadhaar Card and also, my wife has her permanent address (before marriage and Warangal) in her passport and we do want to continue with the same. I.e. We do not want to mention about our current address at all. Is that okay???

    Thanks a ton for all your vital help….

    Chinnapa Reddy Y

    • sbaid101 says:

      Dear Chinnapa, the psk experience should be comparatively reassuring than other gov. offices. if you read the post again, you will find some answers. few other suggestions inline.

      1. carry an marriage affidavit should suffice. refer point 9 under home work section.
      2. for children – parent passport is the best address proof. aadhar card – pl check with call center.
      3. additional copy of marriage affidavit – in absence of parent passport without marriage endorsement – for the child – should work. still good to double check with call center.
      3.2. for all documents required for children passport – refer srinivas comment. also you can try document advisor tool.
      4. it took 2-3 hours in my case. details in the post. you need not upload it on the website. executive will scan it during your appointment. that is – you can apply online and do the marriage affidavit later. I had done it one week in advance.
      5. passport later is your ultimate address proof that is accepted everywhere. having the correct address – on this – will help later. having said that – if you do not have one now – suggest choose next best. in my case, my brother – for example – choose my home address in Hyderabad. secondly – whichever address you give – you need to have supporting address proof. lastly – call call-center to verify that address comes under Hyderabad psk jurisdiction.
      5.2. reg aadhar card – need to verify with call-center whether it is accepted as address proof.

      in summary, suggest read post again; jot down any “specific” doubts and give a call to call-center. in my case, they could give pointed answers; not leave homework for last day/week including taking Xerox, affidavit etc.; carry all your originals safely (not to spill and leave some in psk) and Xerox copies.

      another key point to note here – you will not be allowed to enter psk along with your wife; that is to say with adult applicant no companion is allowed. Along with minor, one parent is only allowed. In my case, we went for two children passport together – hence, both of us could enter the psk. Along with senior citizen – one companion is allowed if he has difficulty walking; I had accompanied my father; btw wheel chair is also available at psk which I happen to use in my father case. This was to ensure that your wife need to know about all documents and overview of the process. In my case, I came to know about this after reaching the psk and surprised little bit; but she could manage it ok; I was available at mobile since she was carrying her mobile.

      best wishes. do write back once you are thru if you find new things that might help others. HTH.

  4. Chinnapa Reddy Y says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks a ton for your help….My wife (Renewal) and my daughter (New) got passports in 4 days. New learning points from my end:#

    1. Even if you go with 2 marriage affidavits without spouse name being endorsed on either of the passports, police verification would be conducted for minors…They’ll issue passport for kid and simultaneously do the police verification…

    2. If your passport is issued on or before 2003, please check for ECR Check and to delete that, you will to bring SSC original copy at the time of renewal.

    Otherwise, everything is good in PSK and process is also well streamlined…

    Thanks again guys for your timely help and indeed it was a great help….

    Chinnapa Reddy Y

  5. KARUNAKAR says:


    • sbaid101 says:

      Dear Karunakar, sorry for the delay in response. yes. The child must accompany the parents even if he/she is an infant. One of the parent will be allowed inside the psk with the child afaik. Do share any new learning you may have. HTH.

  6. Prashu says:

    When i am trying to do payment for appointment SBH net banking is not in active mode. but SBI only in active mode why this can do payment with SBH account.

  7. kranthi says:


    i wanted to renewal my passport, so fee for tatkal need to be paid at PSK.
    also do i need to carry any photographs with me.
    please suggest me here.


  8. kranthi says:


    First thing first thanks to PSK Ameerpet, totally it was great experience inside the office.
    i have renewed my passport in Tatkal got it less than 2 days.


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