Updating PAN card

I have changed city of residence since the time of the first PAN card. I wanted to update the address as in my passport. Also, fix the name which had extra “kumar” middle name in the PAN card. This lead to create separate customer id with the bank for my account associated with demat account. If I was taking up update, it was also good to update the photo which was order of 15+ years old. so, I was looking for process to update PAN card details.

I found that PAN card update application can be submitted online including paying the fee of roughly Rs 100/- at https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/

I need to fill the form and send the passport copy along with acknowledgement slip by speed-post to the address mentioned. There is a call center number (020-27218080) also to follow up. The number is busy at times and need to be called multiple times to get through to voice prompt. I had a correction mentioned as “observation” in my passport. This lead to multiple calls before getting through verification. Also, since my name was different in passport and PAN card – it required a follow up application to be filled and sent. Took order of 2-3 weeks to get through whole verification process.

Updated PAN card is yet to arrive. but I received SMS and email for the same.

Update: I had received it in couple of days thereafter. Recently, I have to go through this again for my wife’s PAN card. Details here.

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