Another visit to PSK Ameerpet

This time it was for my mother passport and one more visit for my wife.

The experience was overall good like last time.  Few facts:

  1. I was carrying ICICI bank 1 year bank statement as address proof. Requirement is to have also a cover letter from the bank. note bank statement need to be presented in original with bank seal on each page of the statement.
  2. For my mother, I could accompany inside the PSK as she was senior citizen. but for my wife, I was not allowed inside. The plight of accompanying husbands, grandfather is sad since they have to wait outside with no chairs standing for couple of hours. One person outside pointed out that there is positive aspect of this since no agents can get inside the PSK to influence in any way. Nevertheless, some arrangement for the “family member” (that probably can be certified by some documentary proof), even to sit outside, will help – to improve the experience overall.


  1. I had missed the appointment for my father since he was unwell on day of appointment. I should have canceled the appointment earlier. Application deleted the appointment along with application on no-show. I need to redo online application for him.
  2. Scheduling normal appointment this time was not available during the day. I have to try after 7:30PM (actually I tried around 8:15 PM IST). only few slots were available 14 days later. I took one. I guess there is high demands for the appointments.

I had visited again Psk Ameerpet recently for my wife passport. Please refer it here.

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3 Responses to Another visit to PSK Ameerpet

  1. Chandu says:

    Thanks. What will the cover letter say from bank?

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