Transfer of bike from Bangalore to Hyderabad

Recently – I have finished registration process for my bike transferred from Bangalore in Hyderabad. I have transferred my bike back in 1998. I had paid the life tax in 2003 (with all fines added) but did not complete the whole process of registering the vehicle & get an AP number for the vehicle. Recently, I resurrected the process in Feb. 2012 and finished in Oct. 2012.

It is good to finish the process as soon as the vehicle is transferred or the process gets cumbersome and more time consuming. It becomes too tiresome and time consuming when its monetary value is compared with time spent. But the fact is I could not properly dispose off also without Hyderabad registration.

The process began by going to the respective RTO under which current address comes. There was a counter dedicated for vehicles transferred from other states. If process is done in time – which is likely couple of months – there is no fine on the life tax payment. Fine was computed based by adding cumulating interest. Process was not clarified well by the officer in 2003. I did not understand the rest of process to get an AP number. I got lazy and just moved around with the life-tax receipt to avoid traffic challans. After some time, bough a car and bike got used in infrequently.

In Feb 2012, I thought of getting an AP number so that I can sell off and do legal transfer of the vehicle. There is need to have the “two” original copies of the NOC issued by the originating RTO. One copy was taken in 2003 by the officer and I had forgotten that. I went to different RTO for current address and they straight rejected application without two NOC originals. RTO also had red tape and officer was downright intimidating rather than helpful. This was RTO Attapur. I next went to RTO Khairatabad to resurrect old file where I suspected one original NOC copy was there. Officer here moved on the case slowly and was autocratic but in the hind-sight, I thanks her to agree to open the old case. My phone number was taken, expectation was set that process will take long time, and multiple visits. Did not receive any call. After a month or so, I went again. Was asked to visit between 3-4pm. After deliberation, file was to be sent to RTO with a note from officer. I went to RTO along with file to get approval for processing. I was asked later to come after a week to collect the NOC confirmation letter that is sent to RTO Bangalore (originating RTO).

As part of NOC confirmation process, a letter is sent to originating RTO and it is expected to send a reply by post, stating that NOC is valid. This is the step causing max time delay. If this step become Confirmation – For example: email confirmation or better still, confirmation through a centralized web portal. This will help so many people who are moving around states as change in employment. After couple of days, I received the NOC Confirmation letter copy and was told that process will wait until confirmation is received. It may take anything from 1 month to unknown! I was suggested to get it from originating RTO in person. I contacted RTO agent in Bangalore – he asked for 1.5k. I was reading about RTI and decided instead to try that route.

I sent RTI application to know status of NOC confirmation after one month, to the RTO in the required format. One month letter – I received reply with NOC confirmation letter copy. Following visit to RTO Khairatabad – I came to know that vehicle inspection is required and required to come with vehicle.

Vehicle chassis and engine number was engrossed on body somewhere – good to know yourself before the visit. Earlier, I had hard time finding chassis number since the location has changed in newer models. With a service center visit, I found where it is. Visited early to RTO. Getting an imprint of the chassis number on the paper with pencil is an art. I could not get it right – parking person helped me with that. Inspection officer was highly co-operative to my surprise and finished my case in around 15 minutes. You need to approach the officer yourself – he won’t come to you though. File requires again RTO approval after inspection. He was not available, and I was asked to come after few days.

I went after one month, personally took it to RTO and got his approval. I was asked to come after two days since the file was old, and all details need to be re-entered into the new IT system. Went after 4 days, this time paid ~Rs900/- for address change, and re-registration. It was quick 15 minutes visit. Registration card is expected to come by post. I am yet to receive it.

In nutshell, doing the process sooner is better since some day at least to dispose the vehicle, I needed it. Process will require multiple visits and couple of months – be persuasive, be patient. I did lose patience multiple times and wanted to stop on it. I do think even an RTO agent can not speed it up since NOC confirmation is not in his hand. NOC confirmation letter typically does not come without personal persuasion at originating RTO. I took route of RTI application since I cannot go to Bangalore just for this. Simpler route can be to sell the vehicle and purchase new one in the new state since the process is certainly time consuming and can even get stuck at NOC confirmation stage.

If personal vehicles can be registered centrally for the whole of India – That would be so much helpful.

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5 Responses to Transfer of bike from Bangalore to Hyderabad

  1. Anupam says:

    Can you please share RTI application filed for NOC confirmation letter.

  2. H says:

    i have applied for NOC in bangalore , Yeswantput rto offices.Go to RTO office(3rd floor) with below documents

    File folder to keep all documents
    one small cover to keep RC
    Carry all originals with xerox

    Form 23 for NOC ( 3 copies)
    RC – xerox
    Police verification form(2)
    Id Proof xerox
    Address proof xerox
    Insurance xerox
    Pollution certificate xerox
    DL xerox
    Bike chassis number with pencil print on page – attache to form 23

    3 times i went ground floor to get above documents.

    once you submit they will give 1 police verification form to get clearance certificate from commisioner office – cunnigam road , 4th floor.

    Police verification form
    RC xerox
    ID proof xerox

    He will give clearance form and return back to RTO office and handover to them. they will attach to your file.

    it will take 1 month so plan accordingly.


  3. rao says:


    pay road tax the moment you get your bike at new location. i got it from bangalroe north rto

    please come with 2 NOC’s and RC original

    1. please take below xerox doc’s while going.

    DL – xerox
    NOC – xerox
    RC – xerox
    Bike Invoice – xerox

    he will tell you how much you have to pay road tax so you have to pay in the form of DD.
    i have submitted DD AND HE asked me to come next day. he will 2 copies of road tax.

    2. go with below xerox to re-register

    RC – original , xerox
    Road tax – 1 copy orignial , xerox
    from 33 , 27 ( re-register , address change) forms. take orignils from office and dont bring print outs.
    1 photo of you with your bike
    Notary form Rs 10( vehicle transfer) you will get it near MRO office
    Address proof ( gas bill or bank or etc..) rental agreement not valid
    Aadhar – xerox
    NOC – 2 orignals

    officer will verify and hand over this some one , they will feed into system. come next day

    add chassis no on form 27

    go with bike – they will verify your bike chassi no and engine no

    sign it from police , make a seal

    submit to rto officer and paid Rs 380

    he will ask you to sign digital sign

    he asked me to come after 5 days

    3. he will give 2 forms.1 you can keep with you and another to bangalore north rto office

    either you or your friend can go and get below forms

    get forms (1. noc is geninue and 2. B form) from bangalore north office

    once you get above forms go after 15 days and submit the same.

    he asked me to come after 2 days.

    let’s how many rounds i have take.


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