Reliance fresh good customer experience

Typically, reliance fresh chain is considered for lower price but not for customer experience. I was writing but avoiding to describe what you typically expect to see there. one can typically associate the brand with lower or lowest prices – at least – for vegetables and fruits.

What I faced today – was an incidence of very good customer care. I was kind of surprised. Hence, it does need a mention and accolade. I had purchased 5 kg of Tur dal packet last Sunday and forgot to pick it up from the store. I realized after a week today. During my weekend grocery shopping, I mentioned on the counter the incidence along with my bill (I keep the bills in the car for couple of weeks before recycling them).

Store owner straight went to stocks, checked the status to see that one packet seem to be in access (at least that is what he told me), and gave the packet to my surprise – without any resistance. On top of that, such up to date keeping of stock – well done!

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