Sending by post – ITR-V to income tax department

Today – I went to post office to send the ITR-V by post. I do so every year. Counter sign with black ink at the place marked by ‘sign in’ in the form. Put it through Speed post.

This year, the post office executive mentioned that speed post won’t accept an address with ‘Post Bag’. so, I have two options – a) send through normal post b) strike the post bag part in the address; send through speed post.

I took the option (b). Given the income tax form mentions that forms are accepted through speed post or normal post. Income tax department should have taken care of this or release a directive on this. Many-many of us are going to have this discussion when they reach post office and need to make a choice.

I will update once I get acknowledgement for receipt of ITR-V from the department.

Update: I have received the email acknowledgement of the receipt of the ITR-V today. so, option-2 seems to work fine.

What choice did you pick?

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